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Call history - logs call history (incoming, outgoing, unanswered…..)

Link to a database of companies - this service links call history to database of companies or database of your contacts

Identifies incoming calls - employees know who is calling even before accepting the call

Activation of the application by the employees - monitored employees can activate call history checks, the supervisor knows when the application was inactive

Call statistics - you will know how many customers your employees contact per day, how much time they spend with them, which employees are working and which ones are not

Our service is cheaper than two-hour pay of an employee who is not working


Brings instant overview of call history

The superior sees instantly whether an employee is working and does not have to wait for the monthly statement from the mobile operator.

Links calls with a database

Call history is displayed with extended information from your database of contacts or database. You know instantly whether employees call company contacts or make personal calls.

Extended call history

Unlike in regular call statements from your mobile operator, you will have an overview of incoming, outgoing, unanswered and missed calls.

Monitoring is under the control of the monitored person

Activation of call monitoring is controlled by the one who is being monitored. The superior knows instantly when the application is active, whether the employee is working or has a reason to switch the monitoring off.

Allows an effective control of employees working over the phone

The system allows you to control all employees who work over the phone and actively work with customers. You see whether they are actively making offers or just waiting for incoming calls. You will find out whether the employees are fully utilized all day or there are unnecessarily too many employees.

Provides the opportunity of working from home

Thanks to an easy control of external workers (business people, operators, customer support), you can utilize work from home more effectively. At a time of high employment, you can use a new source of workers and offer a benefit in the form of home office to the current employees.

Provides information about incoming calls

The employees will know who is calling even before accepting the call and so they will be able to better prepare for the incoming negotiations.

Increases the knowledge of your employees

Thanks to the link to database, it is possible to look up additional information about companies, such as turnover, number of employees, company management etc.

Mobile application identifies incoming calls even before accepting them. It is not necessary to investigate who is calling from which company so the interaction is faster and more professional.

Expanzo – Call Monitoring is one of the projects of DHO s. r. o. which deals with the development of solutions increasing company efficiency.

Apart from the call history monitoring service, which provides an overview of employees‘ call history, we offer the following solutions:

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Automated system of company vehicle monitoring and logbook creation.
Thanks to our solution, you will have an instant overview of your vehicle fleet, employees‘ location and journeys

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One of the the largest databases of companies from all over the world and the largest freely accessible database of companies in the Czech and Slovak Republic.
This solution offers compiling and purchase of custom-made domestic and foreign databases of companies.